From Saperstein to Saban: Hollywood Allies of Japanese Special Effects Cinema

Joseph Levine
Samuel Arkoff (left) and James Nicholson (right)
Henry Saperstein (right)
Saperstein wound up distributing Invasion of Astro-Monster and The War of the Gargantuas with Maron Films in 1970.
Arthur Rankin Jr. (left) and Jules Bass (right).
Haim Saban
Margaret Loesch
Koichi Kawakita (left) and Tim Burton (right) on the set of Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992).
Quentin Tarantino shot a tokusatsu-style miniature segment for the Bride’s landing in Tokyo in Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003).



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J.L. Carrozza

J.L. Carrozza

Jules L. Carrozza (1986-) is a film director, video editor, writer, graphic designer and general crazy person.